What are Authoring tools: best features & how to choose the best!

Authoring Tools

Authoring tools have become essential software for instructional designers and trainers. if you are thinking about choosing one, you need to know what they are, what their key features are, and compare them with the different options available on the market. In today’s article, we’ll take you through all the essentials of authoring tools, so […]

The 4 instructional design models

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Whether you’re just starting out in the world of e-learning or are already a veteran, this article will be interest to you. Understanding and implementing the different instructional design models are crucial in making your online training a success. These models are used to define the different activities that form the basis of your e-learning […]

7 lessons we can learn from Twitch streamers for creating amazing digital content

Close your eyes and try to think of all the digital platforms you know. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch … Wait a minute! What’s Twitch? Twitch is the ultimate revolution in entertainment – one of the most important cultural and social phenomena of recent years. This streaming platform was created to reach younger audiences, as it […]

Interactive learning: improving knowledge retention with the most engaging resources

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Interactive learning is one of the most effective techniques for involving the learner in the training course and encouraging consolidation of knowledge. This is achieved through the use of resources that convert the course content into a more visual, attractive experience, allowing the learner to not just read the information, but also compare, practice and […]

Attention span in e-learning courses: how long should they be?

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And you? Do you train or do you bore? It is clear that every kind of learning has a cost, even e-learning courses. For this reason, at isEazy Author we want to touch base on learning attention span in online courses and how long they should be. Should courses be short and concise or long […]

The 4 C’s for an effective online onboarding

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In less than two years, almost all training processes have become digital. Ever since companies like Facebook, Spotify or Twitter have introduced permanent remote work, many others have followed their steps. Now, working from home is ‘the new normal’, and both employees and employers have to adapt to this new reality. This change is especially […]

How to create high-quality digital content for your LXP

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“Learning is an experience, everything else is just information“- Albert Einstein. Einstein once said: the best way to learn is through experience. This has become the mantra of online training in recent years. Users are no longer content with reading a text on a screen, and they forget everything they’ve seen within a couple of […]

Create e-learning content on a large scale: the 9 ultimate tips

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Creating an online training course for a very large audience, or even an audience located in different parts of the world, is very different than creating it for a small one. Small audiences tend to be more homogeneous and more aligned in terms of schedules, objectives, or preferences when it comes to learning. However, to […]

14 types of interactive content that will make your online courses addictive

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A few years ago, online learning was about the user sitting in front of the computer to complete a plain and boring course. There was no room for clarifying doubts, interacting or sharing opinions. But as the way we consume content continues to evolve, so does the way we approach training. Now, training managers have […]

8 benefits of boosting employee generated learning

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Companies are increasingly aware that the greatest treasure they have are their employees and their knowledge. In fact, in many companies, they are the ones in charge of creating and sharing knowledge, becoming authentic trainers on their own. This practice is called employee generated learning (EGL) and is absolutely essential in business training. Étienne Wegner, […]