What are ESG criteria and why are they key for companies?

ESG criteria

In 2015, the United Nations announced the ambitious initiative of the 2030 Agenda: a strategic plan to promote sustainable development and diversity. For this to happen, the UN established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that must be achieved in order to tackle poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation and to promote prosperity, peace and justice. […]

Must-have software for an HR department in 2022

Do you work in an HR department? If so, you’re going to want to read this. Surely many of the software programs for personnel management available on the market have already become essential tools when completing your daily activities. Above all, because they help you to be more efficient in tasks such as payroll, recruitment […]

Why adaptive learning is exactly what you need for your corporate training strategy

Adaptive learning blog

As the name suggests, Adaptive learning is a training method that focuses on each student needs and preferences in order to boost the results of their training. Among the many advantages it offers for companies, this method improves the learning experience, making it more satisfying and beneficial for professionals. However, that’s not the only benefit. […]

Interactive learning: improving knowledge retention with the most engaging resources

aprendizaje interactivo en e-learning

Interactive learning is one of the most effective techniques for involving the learner in the training course and encouraging consolidation of knowledge. This is achieved through the use of resources that convert the course content into a more visual, attractive experience, allowing the learner to not just read the information, but also compare, practice and […]

At Bizpills Group we evolve and become isEazy

Throughout 2021, at Bizpills Group we have immersed ourselves in an internal revolution, working on a transformation and investment plan that for us had only one purpose, to be the best e-learning partner for organizations. Finally, I can now share with you the result of all this work, a change that we were excited to […]

Create e-learning content on a large scale: the 9 ultimate tips

create e-learning content large scale blog

Creating an online training course for a very large audience, or even an audience located in different parts of the world, is very different than creating it for a small one. Small audiences tend to be more homogeneous and more aligned in terms of schedules, objectives, or preferences when it comes to learning. However, to […]

Corporate mobile learning and its positive impact on your training program

corporate mobile learning

One of the things we can say without a doubt is that mobile phones, tablets and other technological devices are already an extension of our hands. In fact, according to the latest information published by Ditrendia in its Mobile 2020 Report, of the 5 hours and 14 minutes we spend a day surfing the Internet […]

How to align your e-learning courses and your corporate branding

corporate branding blog

Just like people, brands have a personality that shines through when they interact with the world and which determines the steps they take. That personality – or corporate branding –, if well thought out, creates a strong connection with your organization’s customers and employees. The same thing happens with the online trainings you provide. They […]

Smart Colors, how to manage color when designing e-learning courses

smart colors blog

The isEazy Author templates are great and are very helpful for coming up with ideas for visually appealing slide layouts. However, can you remember all the times when you’ve selected a template and have had to manually change each element to adapt it to your company’s corporate colors? You’ll be glad to know that you’ll […]

Assessment in e-learning: Why is it so important for online training?

evaluación en e-learning

One of the key components of ensuring the continuous improvement of an online course is e-learning assessment. It represents an essential step in any training project and plays a major role in determining its quality, effectiveness, and development going forward. However, assessments in an e-learning course are not just a mere observation of whether or […]