#5 Benefits of onboarding and every step to design the best


As important as selecting the best talent for your company, it is equally important to make a good impression on new employees, helping them adapt to their new position and encouraging them to be productive as soon as possible. However, it’s essential to establish an onboarding program for new employees to achieve the best results. 

Do you want to know the benefits of an onboarding program for new employees and how to create one? Find what you need in this article!

What is an onboarding program for new employees?

Many companies think the hiring process ends when the new employee signs their contract, but the truth is it ends when the company helps them adapt to their new role and makes them feel welcome

An excellent welcome plan is part of the onboarding process and is a protocol that includes all the phases, structures, and elements that new hires need to know to adapt to the company and their new roles. A welcome pack must contain important information about the business and their new job. 

This process helps to facilitate new employees’ integration into the team and inform them about the values and vision of the company, and this also reinforces your company’s corporate culture

#5 Benefits of onboarding programs for new employees

A positive onboarding program improves the employee’s initial contact with the company and provides several benefits:

#1 It streamlines the adaptation process

It helps new employees overcome the feeling of not knowing where to start. It provides them with all the information or data necessary for their first day, from the best routes to get to the office to who their supervisor is or getting them acquainted with the company’s safety regulations, for example.

This protocol helps speed up the employee’s adaptation time, serving as a starting point and managing the information received at all times.

#2 It increases efficiency and enhances employee performance

Efficiency is one of the company’s most important objectives; luckily, it’s also one of the advantages of having a good onboarding program. When employees have all the information at hand to perform their job and feel like they are part of the company from day one, this positively impacts their efficiency, performance, and motivation.

#3 It increases loyalty and decreases the staff turnover rate

The more motivated and happy employees are, the less talent drain there will be in a company. A smooth, comprehensive, and positive onboarding process increases employee loyalty and significantly reduces staff turnover.

#4 It reinforces the employee’s commitment to the company

With a good onboarding program, we are showing our new employees the organization’s commitment to each of its professionals. It’s not only a matter of accompanying and guiding them during their first few days but helping them to adapt and ensure their sense of belonging and work towards organizational goals. 

#5 Engage the employee in the corporate culture

Finally, an effective onboarding program integrates the new employee into the company’s corporate culture, which in turn helps streamline processes, improves the work environment, increases employee engagement, and fosters autonomy. Want to know more about corporate culture? Check out this article!

How to create an effective onboarding program

It’s essential to understand that the benefits of onboarding new employees are to reinforce the company’s image, facilitate the adaptation process for new hires and help them to get started in their new roles as soon as possible. But how can you achieve this? Look at these #3 steps:

Step one: Onboarding program phases

This plan should have three phases:

The first phase is to welcome them or deliver a welcome pack that includes all the necessary information about the corporate culture, general information about policies or standards, the objectives of the organization, meaningful information about their position, and the organizational chart. 

The second phase is the formal presentation of the new hire to the people in the company. If it’s a large business, the most important thing is for him to meet co-workers in the department and HR.

In the third phase, the employee will receive help carrying out his tasks with the supervisor or co-workers’ assistance.

Step 2: Onboarding program fundamentals

Just as we must make sure to carry out the onboarding plan in phases, there are also three key elements to bear in mind:

Prepare the employee for their new position, ensuring they have the appropriate material, a comfortable workstation equipped with a computer, access codes, manuals, or any other resource to help them get started in their new role.

Show them around the workplace, which involves taking a tour of the office or the company’s most important areas, making sure they know where their colleagues’ workstations are, where the HR department is, their line manager, restrooms, cafeteria, and other areas.

For the onboarding program for deskless workers, there are protocols you can follow to design the best. Check out this article and learn more! 

Inform them about their weekly or monthly responsibilities or tasks and the tools and methods used in the company to plan and carry out processes. For example, suppose we hire a social media manager. In that case, it is necessary to inform them of the publication schedule, the protocol, and the style manual, along with the networks and passwords required for their work.

Step 3: Onboarding program information

The information you provide your new employees should have a structure beginning with the general information that works for every new employee, going through more specific details needed for each job.


This is the part that is relevant for all new hires in the company, from the sales department to customer service and human resources. This part of the structure includes general information, such as the company’s history, origins, founders, daily routines, and the corporate values the company represents.

It also includes an organizational chart showing the different departments, their functions, and the rules, policies, and procedures for action in other circumstances.


This part of the structure provides more specific information on the activities and duties to be carried out by the employee. It includes an organizational chart of the department that indicates the management structure and responsibilities, the description of the tasks to be performed by the new employee with clearly stated objectives, outlining how they should complete the work.

It also includes the necessary contact numbers, email addresses, intranet, and software the company works with, as well as passwords and usernames.

Training program

Lastly, the structure should also include information on the professional growth and development options that the employee will have within the company: internal promotion programs, skills development, and corporate knowledge and future performance evaluations.

Do you want to know more about how to develop the best onboarding program for your employees? Check out this article to find out which topics to include and tips to design the perfect onboarding program.

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