Benefits of e-learning in the workplace


In recent years, how employees are trained has taken a radical turn. Now e-learning has become the favorite option for companies since it allows online training activities through any device that can connect to the Internet. But beyond connectivity, what are the benefits of e-learning in the workplace? Read on and find out in this post.

E-learning in the workplace: why is it important?

E-learning has become a vital tool for companies. Since its inception, it has been successfully implemented in a number of sectors, including retail, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and financial services, among others.

But with the pandemic, companies were forced to adopt a 100% online training model if they wanted to maintain their training projects and continue to train employees. Today, thanks to its multiple benefits, many companies have opted to continue with this type of modality.

In addition, according to a study by the Gallup consulting firm, 91% of employees want to continue working from home at least partially, while almost 50% prefer to continue working remotely for most or all of their time.

In the same vein, e-Learning Industry points out that 89% of employees want their training to be available whenever they need it, whenever or wherever they need it. In addition, 85% want to choose their training schedules to fit in with their work and personal lives.


6 benefits of e-learning for companies

The benefits of e-learning for companies are not limited to the obvious cost savings. There are many other advantages:

  • Reduces learning time

E-learning allows the use of other types of formats and resources, such as multimedia, interactive elements, games…

These types of elements, in addition to being more attractive for the student, make learning faster since they facilitate the assimilation of concepts in very short periods of time. Moreover, they have proven to be more effective than other traditional formats.

  • Facilitates time management

One of the major drawbacks of classroom training is that not all employees are able to attend when it takes place.

This causes a real headache for companies, as they need all their employees to be able to access the information. E-learning allows all your professionals to have the opportunity to train, as they will have access to learning 24/7

  • Enables measurement of employee progress

E-learning content is delivered through online training platforms or tools that usually allow you to monitor and analyze learning data in real time.

This way you can easily access data such as training hours, learner progress, completed activities… and analyze how your training project is going or if it is generating the expected results.

  • Encourages collaboration

E-learning solutions facilitate collaborative learning and communication among your employees by providing tools such as chats, forums or blogs that allow users to share ideas and experiences.

This can be especially interesting if you have a hybrid team, working both face-to-face and remotely. It will also increase your team’s engagement and foster team culture.

  • Offers customization

Not everyone learns in the same way, or at the same pace. Also, not all your team starts from the same level, nor do they have the same training needs. Some of them may have prior knowledge of the subject, while for others it may be a completely new subject.

E-learning allows you to speed up or slow down the learning process as needed. Sometimes, it is necessary to refresh your knowledge on a topic before you can continue. In a classroom course, going back is impossible, but it is feasible with e-learning. No one is left behind!

  • Promotes scalability

Most organizations need to engage employees in continuous learning, to help them develop their skills and expand their knowledge. All of this is based on changes that may arise in their roles such as the introduction of new processes, tools, or products. Being able to modify and adapt learning to meet training needs is key. This means being able to include more learning resources or content as needed.

Now that you know why you should implement a training solution and the benefits of e-learning in the workplace, it’s time for you to discover what isEazy can do for your business!

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