At Bizpills Group we evolve and become isEazy


Throughout 2021, at Bizpills Group we have immersed ourselves in an internal revolution, working on a transformation and investment plan that for us had only one purpose, to be the best e-learning partner for organizations.

Finally, I can now share with you the result of all this work, a change that we were excited to tell you about and today is already a reality.

At Bizpills Group we become isEazy, e-learning made easy. A strategic and organizational change in which we unite all our business lines – OKN Learning, B-Talent, isEazy, isEazy Factory and Bizfit – in one brand.

Now, we are bigger, stronger, and more modern company, with a new structure, new projects and services and a reinforced team. Ready to take on all future technological challenges and, above all, ready to offer you all the necessary solutions and services for tackling any e-learning digital transformation project.

A new brand for a new era

We knew that, after a period of global digital acceleration, 2022 will bring many structural changes in terms of markets, companies, and people, and only the most courageous and innovative will be able to adapt to the speed required by this new age.

We were also aware that companies were going to need a new approach to their online training strategies, with new needs and objectives to train their professionals through agile processes and the most cutting-edge e-learning technology.

That is why isEazy is not just a new brand, it is synonymous with improvements, innovations, and new functionalities in all our tools.

With new changes and advances that we will be sharing throughout this year, and that will be specifically designed to offer online training tools which are easier to implement, integrate and use than any other option on the market.

Innovation and development: the keys to our work

Since we stablished ourselves as a company, we have continued to innovate, creating platforms and services that will digitally transform corporate training processes. All this work has made us consolidate as leaders in the sector and our technological solutions have already been implemented in more than 1,000 companies and are used by more than 10,000,000 employees.

Our vision remains the same, to offer the most cutting-edge technology in e-learning and, with it, streamline the selection processes of organizations’ online training tools.

20 years ago, we were pioneers in offering interactive and multimedia e-learning courses to organisations and now, we are the first company to offer all the e-learning tools that companies need.

isEazy is a new way of perceiving e-learning, we have reinvented the market and we have created a new work philosophy, we are now #easylovers.

I hope you enjoy it and join us in our revolution. The best is yet to come.

José Luis de Federico
Founder & CEO at isEazy

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