Advantages of the newest authoring tools over traditional ones

ventajas herramientas de autor

Nowadays there are many different authoring tools with which you can create online courses.

There are different reasons why you can choose one or the other depending on your needs, but perhaps one of the things you should pay more attention to is speed.

Spending less time creating your e-learning course means having more time for other things… and time is not exactly a resource you have to spare, is it?

But what advantages can you get from using rapid authoring tools versus more traditional ones?

1- Simplicity

Traditional authoring tools such as Articulate, Captivate, eXelearning or Lectora have a problem, and that is that they are not exactly easy to use. In fact, they are quite complex. You don’t have to be a programmer to use them, but their learning curve can be challenging, i.e. the time it takes to get the best results from them, is very long. 

New authoring tools such as isEazy Author have been able to adapt to the growing demand from users who have less time and less desire to spend their working hours learning a new tool.

More intuitive, flexible and visually adapted, they make it possible for anyone with basic office automation skills to create online courses with a totally professional outcome.

You can easily edit your course thanks to the multiple possibilities of copy, paste, click, drag… moreover, what you are seeing while creating the course is the same as what your students will see while taking it. No more surprises when publishing your course!

2- Use of templates

In our authoring tool, you get a large variety of templates, from which you can create your courses quickly, without having to spend more time than necessary worrying about the layout. After all, you are not a designer, aren´t you? What you’re interested in is the content, and the rest will take care of itself.

You don’t think that is possible? You’re wrong! In the isEazy Author gallery, you have a template for almost anything. To make it even more interesting, you can also ask us to create customized corporate templates if you that´s what you need. 

The result will be very visual and extremely professional!

3- Viewing on all devices

Using a rapid authoring tool, with predefined templates, guarantees you a very important final detail: that your course will be responsive. Your students will be able to access it from any device since the templates are designed to work in any context. Put value in the content and forget about the technical aspects!

4- Exercises and games with a really easy setup

Using a rapid authoring tool does not mean that you have to give up the possibility of advanced features such as interactive exercises or gamification. Drag-and-drop or fill-in-the-blanks are simple possibilities, as are more motivating games that encourage learners to actively participate in their training. 

The setup couldn’t be simpler: you choose the game or exercise you want to use, enter the content, and that’s it! It couldn’t be easier. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

5- Different formats for different learning objectives

The content of your training can have different objectives. Usually what you are looking for is to go deeper into a specific learning process, for which you will use our classic courses. 

However, if what you are looking for is to create short, quick-to-consume microcontents, isEazy Author offers the option of express courses. They are designed so that the information can be viewed in just a few minutes. 

These are ideal if your content is short and direct, approximately 10 minutes and 10 slides. In this way, the navigation will be as agile as the content.

This does not mean losing features, since you have the same tools and templates as for classic courses. It is simply a way to adapt the classic courses to the new microlearning trend. We´re always up to date with the latest innovations!

6- Cloud based, always available and no installation required

Going through the whole process of installing a new tool is always a pain. Either you don’t have permissions, or you get an error, or you don’t have space on your computer for a new application… something always happens. 

Also, when you work with a desktop tool, all the content you produce also stays on your local computer. Haven’t you thought about how dangerous this can be? Nothing ever happens, until the day your computer crashes, gets a virus, is stolen, or lost. Then you remember everything you had on it and you panic.

With a tool like isEazy Author, which works entirely in the cloud, you avoid the installation process and safeguard all your content in a repository with all the necessary security measures. 

An advantage that also allows you to work on editing your courses from anywhere and from any computer, just by logging on to the application’s website and entering your username.

New times, new ways of creating content

New times have made it necessary for authoring tools to become more accessible to all types of users, without the need for specific knowledge of that particular application.

That’s why new authoring tools like isEazy Author are increasingly in demand, as they provide professional results with incredible ease of use. Haven’t tried it yet? Don’t wait until tomorrow. Sign up for free now and discover for yourself all the advantages of our authoring tool. 

Yolanda Amores


Yolanda Amores

Chief Marketing Officer at isEazy

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