Learning-by-doing: A key methodology for skills development

Companies now have as a priority the skills development of their employees. In the last ten years, organizations have faced more changes than ever, driven by digitalization, the evolution of technologies, and customer needs. Today, many companies are making significant investments in training and talent development, but according to McKinsey,

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#4 Benefits of an end-to-end learning solution for corporate training

In-person training has limitations in keeping pace with the modern workplace since remote work and hybrid work models go beyond the standard scope of an office. That’s why training plans based on digital tools and processes to make learning more flexible have become popular in recent years. It’s about using technology to

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How to create a frontline onboarding for your deskless workforce?

In many aspects of life, first impressions are vital, and providing onboarding for new employees in your organization is no exception. That’s why onboarding must be a smooth, engaging, informative experience developed to help retain talent. But when we talk about frontline onboarding, we refer to onboarding in a fast-paced

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What is Hybrid learning?: The future of corporate training

We all know that organizations develop and grow through employees, their ideas, skills, and effort. That’s why training employees should be a priority in any business, and hybrid learning is a good option for a learning program. Corporate training has gone through an extended evolutionary process, going through various approaches

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Estrategia formación y desarrollo l&d

A quick guide to a successful learning and development strategy

As you know, employee training is the most powerful tool for attracting and retaining the best talent in your organisation. That’s what makes investing in a good internal Learning and Development (L&D) strategy key to improving and aligning the goals of the professionals within an organisation. What’s more, the major

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The best 4 online training models for companies

How we conduct training has changed forever. And not just because of the impact the pandemic has had on our lives. Technology today offers us more efficient ways to keep employees’ skills intact. But for this to happen, companies must be willing to innovate and adapt their training to an

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The democratization of content creation

Have you heard the term digital transformation? It’s a term that’s been used a lot in recent years. Digital transformation entails all the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of our daily life. We can give as an example content consumption: until only a few

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