Advantages and challenges of VR and AR for e-learning 

It’s the acronym on everyone’s lips and for good reason. VR video gaming revenues reached $22.9B globally in 2020 and almost 80% of Americans are already familiar with virtual reality technology. But it’s not just the world of gaming that’s seeing huge advances in terms of these new realities. Apple,

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Processes and types of gamification: Enhance your learning experience

Gamification has experienced significant growth in the education sector over the last few years thanks to its capacity for increasing knowledge retention and motivating learners. In a business context, it can also be used to help employees achieve goals and objectives, and foster their commitment to the company they work

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herramientas de capacitacion

Employee training tools: A complete guide to enhance learning

In a working world that’s increasingly competitive, the ongoing development of skills and knowledge is essential for professional success. The best way to commit to this is through employee training but, in order to ensure yours is effective, it’s important to have the right training tools.  In this article, we

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ChatGPT and its e-learning applications

It’s been a long time since the world began exploring the possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) has to offer. However, it wasn’t until late last year that these possibilities became a reality thanks to the constant advancement of this technology. One of the key drivers of this change has been OpenAI and the

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elearning templates blog

E-learning templates: Create even more impressive e-learning courses

The e-learning sector is developing in leaps and bounds. Just a few years ago it was unthinkable to embark on an e-learning project without having specialized suppliers or a technical team of designers, programmers or experts on hand.  However, this task has become much simpler with the help of authoring

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competencias hard y soft

Hard Skills vs Soft Skills: Which Are More Important for Your Team?

When it comes to planning employee training, HR managers often find themselves agonizing over which to prioritize: hard skills or soft skills? And even if that question has been settled, another still remains – which particular skills within each category are the most important for your team? If you decide

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