Estrategias de aprendizaje

How to implement learning strategies in your company

When aiming to enhance your team’s skills, your goal is to provide your collaborators with the necessary tools to learn effectively and efficiently. To achieve this, it is essential to understand and implement learning strategies that allow for the most efficient use of time, both yours and that of your

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Plan de acogida - onboarding plan

Onboarding plan examples for successful employee integration

Understanding how to welcome and guide new talent during their first days, weeks and months is crucial for any company. Not only does it have an immediate impact on new employees’ initial adaptation phase, but also lays the foundation for their long-term commitment to the organization.  An onboarding plan is

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6 educational technology trends you should implement in your company

If HR managers are clear about one thing, it’s that continuous employee training is the key to success for any company. However, since the advent of e-learning, the way we provide that training and offer access to knowledge has changed dramatically. Nowadays, the implementation of cutting-edge educational technologies not only

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Microlearning: The ideal strategy to develop your team’s soft skills

In a digital era shaped by technology, artificial intelligence and data processing, modern companies are realizing that technical skills and practical knowledge in themselves are no longer enough to thrive. Although these hard skills will doubtless continue to be important, the unstoppable growth of technology means that increasing value will

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herramientas de formación (training tools)

Discover the best training tools of 2024

Corporate training plays a critical role in the success of any organization. Whether integrating new employees, training them in specific products or services, or developing essential skills to help achieve broader business objectives, training can drive your company forward. However, in order for this training to be effective, it’s crucial

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planes de

Empower your team’s growth with career development plans

In the neverending quest to achieve success in business, most modern companies recognise the importance of investing in their most valuable resource: their employees. It’s here where career development plans play a crucial role, stimulating progress and growth in both employees and, inevitably, the wider organization. When a company commits

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Estándares de accesibilidad

How accessible is your authoring tool? Insist on only true accessibility!

In the world of e-learning, accessibility is key to creating an inclusive and enriching experience for all learners, whether they are school or university students, or corporate employees. Unfortunately, it is estimated that only 20% of online training programs are actually accessible by this definition, underscoring just how important it

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