talent retention

High turnover? 6 strategies for attracting and retaining talent

The modern workforce is changing. becoming increasingly diverse, automated, digital and global. These changes, and the speed at which they occur, are forcing companies to devise new rules for how they should manage talent retention. In recent times, employees have gained an increased influence in the work environment, leading them

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Microlearning: The training method that will boost your results

A number of studies make a remarkable claim: the average employee is likely to answer more than 100 emails a day. However, this same employee will usually dedicate no more than 24 minutes a week to learning. Reduced attention spans, constantly changing work environments, and the demands of a more

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How can learning objects transform corporate training?

We live in an age marked by the omnipresence of technology. We find it everywhere, in all aspects of our lives, and education and vocational training are no exceptions to this. It’s here, in the field of corporate training, where learning objects emerge as a fundamental tool to enrich the

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Human talent development: Key approaches to enhance it in your organization

Human talent is an indispensable asset in any organization, large or small. So, it’s natural that, in the current business landscape, talent management is viewed as a strategic priority for success. The ability to recruit, retain and enhance the very best talent has become a determining factor for businesses which

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Role-based learning: Power up your teams with personalized training

Rob Liano, American Writer posed the following question: “Knowledge is power? No. Knowledge on its own is nothing, but the application of useful knowledge, now that is powerful.” This observation forms the foundation of role-based learning, a training approach that allows a company’s employees to acquire all the skills and

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The importance of SDGs for business

Sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant in different fields, from policymaking to education, health, and business. As more people actively participate in reversing environmental damage, the private sector is faced with the need to align its business strategies with social and environmental responsibility.  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a key tool

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What is a TXP platform? Learn about the latest in talent management

Can you imagine being able to manage all Learning and Development (L&D) processes on a single platform? It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. From training new employees to analyzing learning and performance metrics for the entire workforce, Talent Experience Platforms (TXP) are redefining talent management and making the work

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Estrategias de aprendizaje

How to implement learning strategies in your company

When aiming to enhance your team’s skills, your goal is to provide your collaborators with the necessary tools to learn effectively and efficiently. To achieve this, it is essential to understand and implement learning strategies that allow for the most efficient use of time, both yours and that of your

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Plan de acogida - onboarding plan

Onboarding plan examples for successful employee integration

Understanding how to welcome and guide new talent during their first days, weeks and months is crucial for any company. Not only does it have an immediate impact on new employees’ initial adaptation phase, but also lays the foundation for their long-term commitment to the organization.  An onboarding plan is

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