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Focus on the content, forget about the rest

We sweat the tech so you don’t have to. Our interface is super agile and intuitive, with in-built design prompts for max productivity. Create courses instantly, with no training required.

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  • Preconfigured slides

    Choose the slide structure you want and easily ‘drag and drop’ your content sections.
  • WYSIWYG Editor

    ‘what you see is what you get’ editor so you can instantly see your course as it displays in multiple formats at any stage of creation.
  • Thousands of images at your fingertips

    Point and click access to one of the largest image libraries in the world, Unsplash.
  • Recycle content

    Duplicate and migrate projects, courses and even individual slides to other projects instantly.


Two course formats

isEazy Author is the only tool that gives you a choice between two course formats right out of the gate.


classic min


Designed for longer and more structured courses. Organize your content into sections and subsections, and ensure that your students can access it intuitively.

express min


Designed in vertical scroll format: ideal for bite-sized microlearning on any device and in the flow of work.


Courses with a unique personality

Add your logo, fonts and corporate colours to emphasise your brand identity.

  • Template generation

    Create corporate templates to standardise output and e-learning approach across the organisation.

  • Color palettes

    Bring your unique brand color codes into all design layers of any design project in seconds.

  • Fonts

    Enjoy the most extensive font catalogue at your fingertips or easily import your unique fonts.

  • Image editing

    Apply the widest set of filters to the images in your design project.


Increase the productivity of your authors

Design input in real time from multiple contributors across your organisation and render this content in multiple languages with ease.

easy edition authors
  • Teamwork

    Collaborate in real time with other design contributors across your organisation.
  • Organization in environments, folders and projects

    Create folder structures with different levels and projects, to better organize your collaborators.
  • Restoration points

    Rest assured that your work is autosaved and recoverable if accidentally deleted: track changes, by whom and when.
  • Translation facilities

    Export the texts of your course, and import them again, already translated. It’s that simple!

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